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Derby Club Prague

We invite you to the venues of the Derby Club Prague on the 2nd floor of the tribune. We offer a comfortable ambience, including foyer and terrace, seats on tribune directly above the finish area of the racetrack, top catering, private toilets and special betting terminal. You will also find a parking space and a racecard free.


Derby_Club_logo.png DerbyClub_2019_sirka2.jpg


One-day ticket* 1.990 CZK
One-day ticket – child 3–12 years* 990 CZK
One-day ticket – 2 persons* 3.800 CZK
One-day ticket – 4 persons* 7.500 CZK
One-day ticket – 6 persons* 10.000 CZK
One-day ticket – 102nd Czech Derby (26 June 2022) 2.500 CZK
Seasonal 24.990 CZK
Seasonal – 2 persons 49.990 CZK
Seasonal – 4 persons 99.990 CZK
Seasonal – 6 persons 134.990 CZK
All prices incl. VAT
Each ticket incl. catering and drinks.
We reserve the use also venues of Newmarket or Windsor.
* sales of one-day tickets end five days before the event

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail:, or phone: +420 604 298 150.