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Events for horses and other animals

Chuchle Arena Prague is an ideal space for outdoor and indoor events with animals.

Show jumping competition arena 100 x 60 m

Arena with a special surface for horse sports.
Equipped with: outdoor grandstand, mobile toilets, stretch tents, food trucks, electrical connections


Polo training field 52.000 m2

Riding hall 60 x 30 m

This hall is specially surfaced for horse sports, and is equipped with its own bathroom and club room


Children's playground 5500 m2

Play area for children with lawn area also with direct access from parking. Electrical connections available


Large betting hall 1170 m2 + connecting spaces in the grandstand 545 m2

Large hall and spaces in the grandstand building, these are suitable for the exhibition of small animals.
Equipped with: wi-fi, sound system, podium, bar with service, own bathroom, entrance to the outdoor part of the complex