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Basic rules of show jumping competition

A rider and a horse must pass a given route with obstacles with as few faults as possible and in the shortest possible time. Individual obstacles are numbered so that riders know in which order and direction they must overcome them. Obstacles are from 80cm to 160cm tall, i.e. comply with the highest Olympic and World Championship level difficulty. There is also a special competition called the equestrian high jump, in which the riders compete to see who can jump over the highest obstacle , the current world record is 2.47 m.

Faults are counted as – the knocking down of a fence, i.e. a violation of the height or width of the fence, a refusal, when the horse refuses a jump, or fall of a rider or horse with the rider. These faults are penalized by penalty points. Riders can be also disqualified from the competition. The rider with the lowest number of penalty points wins.