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Best way to EJC? By train!

We want to get as many people as possible, so we and our partner Czech Railways agreed that anyone arriving at Chuchle by train and at the Czech Railways booth will have a reduced admission of 250 to 100 CZK. This applies to all tickets of ČD as well as to coupons of Prague public transport. We would like to invite viewers to leave cars at home in the first Saturday afternoon and arrive by train. Due to the limited parking capacity and traffic jams in the vicinity of the racetrack, it is the fastest and most pleasant option, and they will be able to drink excellent wine or champagne on horse racing. By train they reach the racetrack from Prague from the Main Railway Station or from Smíchov Railway Station. Only for 100 CZK you will see the best jockeys in action and enjoy a nice afternoon with your family. (www.jockeycup.cz)